Tugas 10-Aila

Jenis tema cerita:Fantasi.

Petunjuk gambar:Mahkota.

Petunjuk cerita:Princess,Mahkota.

Penulis buku:Aila Dinara.

Judul:Princess Zahra’s New Crown.

Sampul depan:20190818_081811_0000

Sampul belakang:1566124046412

Punggung buku:20190818_113300_0000


Princess Zahra woke up calmly.Firstly,she checked the calendar on her pink bedroom wall.It turns out today was her 13th birthday! Normally,P.Zahra would take a shower in the morning first thing,but,since it’s her BIRTHDAY,she went downstairs to the family’s dining room instead.
“Mama!Papa!” P.Zahra called.
“Yes my dear?”replied P.Zahra’s mother,Queen Nazella.
“It’s my 13th birthday today!”
“Oh yes,so it is,” realised P.Zahra’s father,King Adam.
“Am I getting my crown today?” asked P.Zahra.
“Yes,ofcourse hon.You’re getting yours at two o’clock on the dot,”smiled Q.Nazella.P.Zahra’s little sister,Maria,decided to confess.
“That’s not fair! I want a crown too!” grumbled Maria.
“But,you already HAVE one,” reminded P.Zahra.
“I know,but not a GOLD one like you!”
“Yeah,because you’re not thirteen yet,stupid,” smirked P.Zahra.
“ENOUGH!” shouted K.Adam,as everyone came back to eating again.

P.Zahra lay on her fluffy pink bed and thought,Haha!I would LOVE to see the jealous look on Maria’s face when I get my gold crown! But,Maria was planning something BEYOND cruel to her big sister,Princess Zahra.Since Q.Nazella and K.Adam already ordered the crown for P.Zahra,Maria’s plan will go easier than she expected.Firstly,she called the company that makes crowns and lied,
“Hello again.I am very sorry,but I have made a mistake.The crown was supposed to be for my baby girl,” Maria smirked as she said this.
“So,you wanna get us to make the crown out of cardboard?” asked the company workers.
“Yes please.Thank you,” replied Maria,while giggling and lying on her back.

Two o’clock passed,and still there was no crown yet for P.Zahra.
“Papa!Where is my crown?” cried P.Zahra.
“It should be here right now,” answered K.Adam.Suddenly,there was a noise coming from the big door.
“There it is!” squealed P.Zahra,as she ran to the front door and opened it.
“Here’s your packet,” said the postman.
“Thank you,” replied P.Zahra,as she slamed the door in front of the postman’s face.Excitedly,P.Zahra skipped up the stairs.Now,since P.Zahra never KNEW what was inside the parcel,she screamed her head off when she opened it.Both of P.Zahra’s parents RAGED when they saw the cardboard crown lying on P.Zahra’s fluffy pink bed.K.Adam went to complain the company using his phone.
“Why did you give my 13 year old princess a CARDBOARD CROWN??” raged K.Adam.
“I didn’t.You canceled your order and said you wanted a cardboard crown for your baby girl,”as soon as the company’s boss said that,K.Adam ended his call.This is a cruel prank,I know it must be, he thought.K.Adam informed his wife about this,and Q.Nazella went into a fit of tears.Firstly,K.Adam tried to figure out who it might be.He thought it was his maid,Sarah,but it wasn’t her.Then,he knew who it might be.

Oh,how much trouble did Maria get into after her father knew it was her who caused all the trouble.Straight away,he ordered another crown for P.Zahra,and finally P.Zahra was the official princess of Turkey.



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One thought on “Tugas 10-Aila”

  1. Hi Ailaaa!

    Oooh a shiny crown, yeahhh! How come you could always make your drawing so cuuuute xD I like the Z at the crown, like it’s personally tailored for her. Front cover is great, looks neat. The book spine is ok, I like the little crown there (maybe resized it down a bit so it’s not too close to the edges). The back cover is easy to read and looks cool. I like the yellow/red/purple color combination (it makes the crown luxury). I didn’t expect the neon blue here, but come to think of it, it reminds me to a diamond, so yeahh I think it’s cool xD

    Overall a it’s a nice book cover for a fantasy story. Good job!

    – front cover: 60
    – back cover: 60
    – book spine: 30
    – submit on time: 50
    Total: 200 points, congrats!


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