Team Battle – Story bazooka untuk kedua team

Kata kunci: Blackpink – Dudududu

Note: lagunya bercerita tentang cantik itu bukan segalanya. Nah, tulis lah cerita mengenai itu.


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9 thoughts on “Team Battle – Story bazooka untuk kedua team”

  1. Tangkisan story bazooka

    Pada suatu hari………..hit you whit that dudududu . karin, sana belajar besukkan ujian.ok kak, tapi kalau nilai karin 100 .karin mau operasi plastik ya kak….
    tapi itu mahal karin,dan….. tidak ada gunanya.tapi karin mau cantik,cantik itu segalanya bagi karin.sudah sana belajar dulu….
    ok,janji yakak.

    Keesokan harinya……

    kak….. nilai karin 100 lho……
    iya, ayo sini duduk.karin….. kamu suka lagu blackpink dudududu kan.iya kak,kenapa ?
    jadi lagu itu bercerita tentang cantik itu bukan segalanya karin……
    terus kenapa kak ? ya… kalau kamu suka lagu itu seharusnya kamu tidak berpikir bahwa cantik itu segalanya,lagipula ibu hanya ingin kita menjadi anak yang sholeh kan…..
    oh iya juga,karin minta maaf ya kak,karena kejadian kemarin.iya kakak maafkan kok karin……


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    After a few painful weeks with the twins,they FINALLY forgave me.I am the most CHEERFUL girl in the WORLD now.I’m sure the twins are gonna be happy with Mama and Papa too.Sadly,Nana and Pops had to go their home again,since Mama no longer need their help,’cos Layla’s getting BIGGER!Today,we are going to town to buy some gifts for Layla,since she turned 1 month today.Me,Winnie and Linnie woke up early,so we decided to wake up Mama,Papa and Layla.
    “Guys,wake up!”exclaimed Winnie.
    “Yeah,please DO!”Linnie whispered in Mama’s ear.
    “OK,girls!”yawned Mama,”We’ll wake up!”.

    Mama started to wake Papa up,then showed us Layla.
    “Who is that?”asked the twins;I can’t blame them for being confused.Layla looked,well,DIFFERENT!Layla looked Scottish.Her eyes are turning from sharp to round,she’s slowly having freckles,but the only thing that gives her away is her HAIR.It’s black,like everyone’s hair in the Chang Family.
    “She looks different,doesn’t she?”said Mama.
    “She looks SO different,”agreed the twins.
    “The only thing I do not like is her freckles.But,that’s OK,cos beauty is not in everything,”I said.

    THE END.

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