Tugas 9-Aila

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Penulis buku:Aila Dinara

Judul:Homemade Teddy.

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Today is Kids’s Day!
I am SO happy that it is,because Mum and Dad said they’re gonna do something so SPECIAL,which I am excited about.Though,the morning was just the exact same.I had my breakfast,brushed my teeth.But,I was told to get changed into my OLDEST clothes.I picked my horrible ragged jeans and my bleached purple shirt.I went downstairs to see my parents.It turns out THEY were wearing they’re worst oldest clothes too.
“Oh goody Alya,you’ve changed all your clothes!”smiled Mum.
“So,what are we gonna do today?”I wondered.
“We are…
“Really?Wouldn’t that be hard?”I worried.
“No,not really.Look,you see how Mum’s good at knitting and sewing and you’re good at crafting?Well,with you two,we’ll make great progress with the toy,”informed Dad.
“Oh yeah,I forgot.Anyways,can we make a homemade teddy?”
“Yes,of course Alya!Okay,c’mon,quickly get your hijab,then we will all go the Experimenting Room,”reminded Mum.
“Ok!”the Experimenting Room was outside the house,so I had to grab an old hijab to put on.I found a bleached blue hijab.I ran downstairs while putting my hijab on place.
“Ready Dad and Mum!”
“Good!Now,let’s go!”.

When we reached the Experimenting Room,Dad told me to pick the things that I would want to make the teddybear.I picked one maroon button,two teeny weeny black buttons,some brown wool and pink wool,some knitting stuff and a felt-materialed crown.I gathered all these stuff inside a purple basket and showed Mum and Dad.
“They are WONDERFUL materials to make our bear!”complimented Mum,”Now,I guess we get cracking!”.Firstly,I had to sketch what I want my teddy to look like.Mum and Dad were both impressed by my creativity.
“Ok,so how about if I make the bear first,then we can decorate everything?”Mum wondered.
“Yes,that would be great,”I agreed.Luckily,Mum was a really fast knitter,so she knitted the bear in no time.
“It looks fantastic Mum!” I complimented.
“Thanks hon,”Mum blushed,”Right Boss,what’s next?”
“Well,I would like to get this red and green wool stitched here,and the marroon button on top,”
“OK!” said Mum.
“Dad,what are YOU gonna do?” I questioned him.
“Look what I did,”Dad pointed out,”I tidied ALL these little bamboo boxes up,see?I do DO some stuff,you know?” I laughed at Dad,while he laughed a bit too.Normally,Dad’ll watch football and drink coffee,or read his newspapers in the bogs.

Finally,Mum was finished.It was looking absolutely FAB! I loved it so far.Next,it was my part.Since I knew a BIT of knitting abd sewing,I sewed the little felt crown to the head of the bear.After that,I stitched two little black buttons;one for the left eye,and one for the nose.I have done my part of my job now.Mum and Dad both agreed that it was getting late,so we had to tidy up and get inside the house again.Quickly,I scribbled out a sign that read,”BEAR IN PROGRESS.” then we went back inside.

This is our last day of making our teddybear(INSYALLAH!).So,I wore the same old clothes from yesterday,and set off with Mum.Dad wasn’t here,because Dad’s at the football match.
“Right,what do you want me to do?” asked Mum.
“I think you should make this pink wool into two half-circles,and one big pink circle for this bear’s tummy.Also,I would like you to make a mouth shape for this bear,” I replied confidently.Mum setted off seweing and knitting.

Wow…Mum’s done the bear.It looks super duper very AMAZING!! I hugged Mum to show a way of thanks.I really loved the bear.It was perfect.I named the bear BunBun.





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8 thoughts on “Tugas 9-Aila”

  1. Hi Ailaaa!

    WHOA THIS IS SO CUUUUUTE!! awwww look at the bear, I want one toooo xD the coloring is so soft, I like the purple/green combination, it looks so cuddly 😀

    Front cover looks great! the author name could be moved down a bit so that it’s not too close to the teddy. Book spine is awesome! I like the little teddy there xD the back cover is easy to read and it looks nice with the small teddy.

    Overall it’s a very good work!

    – front cover: 60
    – back cover: 60
    – book spine: 30
    – submit on time: 50
    Total: 200 points, congrats!


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