Tugas 8-Aila

Jenis tema cerita:Profesi.

Petunjuk gambar:Guru dan HP(ya,iPad sih,bukan HP).

Petunjuk cerita:Guru.

Penulis buku:Aila Dinara.

Judul:Best Teacher Ever.

Sampul Depan:20190815_131134_0000-1

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“Ok pupils,tomorrow a new teacher is coming!”informed Mrs.Bay,my Maths teacher.Mrs.Bay didn’t look so excited when Ori asked her what the new teacher’s personality is like.
“The new teacher unfortunately is a terrible reputation to the children.Please do not copy her,or you will be a horrible citizen,”
“Ok Mrs.Bay!”my class said in unison.As my class went out for lunch,I gathered up with my best friends.
“Hi!”I greeted,”Did you hear the message about the ‘new bad teacher’?”
“Obviously!”answered Tammy.
“Do you think she’s really horrible?I mean,the new teacher?”frowned Daina.
“Well,we won’t know yet until we meet her,”I replied.

Yes!Today is the day to meet the ‘HORRIBLE’ teacher.I really hope she isn’t horrid like what Mrs.Bay told my class.The new teacher,(Ms.Reni)is gonna teach Technology for my school.And,to be honest,no responsible grown up wants to take that position for YEARS.And I am really looking forward to Tech.As I waved goodbye to Mum and Dad,I got out my tennis ball,just in case Ms.Reni is REALLY horrid.I saw the school crowded with students already.But,when I checked my watch,it turns out that I wasn’t late.I spotted my friends already waiting in line.
“Hi guys!”I greeted.
“Hiya Taila,”smiled Tammy,”So,you’ve got any weapons for the ‘HORRID’ teacher?”
“Yes,obviously.I brought one of my tennis balls,”I replied.
“I got a Nerf watergun,”said Daina proudly.
“She is crazily scared about that new teacher,”muttered Tammy to me.I chuckled quietly.Finally,we were allowed to go in the Tech room.Yes!Everyone in my class started chattering away about gossips on Ms.Reni.I will not treat Ms.Reni badly.Anyways,Mum said don’t judge people by their covers.l,I thought positively.Slowly,the door started to open,and came out a pretty teacher that I never saw in my whole life.This must be Ms.Reni.
“Hello children!”she announced cheerfully.
“Hi Ms.Reni!”everyone said nervously.
“Now,everyone,come in quick!”so,we did.Also,the last person to come into the Tech room has to close the door.
“Right!Let me introduce myself,”smiled Ms.Reni.
“We KNOW,your name is Ms.Reni!”someone spoke rudely.
“Yes,you are very right.But,call me my first name,Naira,you understand?”everyone nodded at Ms.Reni.
“Goody goody!Now,today we are going to be making…
ROBLOX OBBIES!!!”winked Ms.Reni/Naira.
Everyone gasped in amazement.All that I know of,everyone in my class loved Roblox.

After a few weeks…
This routine kept on repeating again and again.Me and my classmates when we are going to Tech are making Roblox Obbies.But,today was different.
“Ok kiddos,I would like you all to sit on the carpet please,”demanded Ms.Reni,”So,today,we are gonna do some Digital drawings out of the iPads,”
“But with what app Naira?”asked Tammy.
“With Sketchbook,”replied Ms.Reni,”We are going to draw an animal.It can be ANY animal…Right,get cracking!”everyone then waddled to their seats.Firstly,Ms.Reni showed us how to draw using the Sketchbook app.It looked dead easy.

I was finished my drawing in ten minutes time.I was actually the first one to finish my task.I showed my work to Ms.Reni.
“Aw,that’s really cool Talia!”exclaimed Ms.Reni,”I love the colour coordination you’ve made! It really suits the birds!”
“Thanks Ms.R,”I smiled,proud of my work.When I got home from school,I thought about what the other teachers said about Ms.Reni.They’re ALL lies! I thought,Ms.Reni isn’t horrible,she’s the BEST TEACHER EVER!




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5 thoughts on “Tugas 8-Aila”

  1. Hi Aila!

    Ah the front cover illustration is so cute! Is that… Schoology app? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Why is the teacher fading/white? Is she supposed to be a ghost? xD Or, maybe like a virtual hello from the phone hehe…

    The book title is a contrast with the description, I guess there’s more to it huh ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Good front cover, I like the focus on the phone + teacher. The apple in the book spine is creative ๐Ÿ˜€ easy to read back cover.

    Good job, Aila!

    – Front cover: 60
    – back cover: 60
    – Book spine: 30
    – submit on time: 50
    Total: 200 points, congrats!
    +50 poin untuk cerita = 250 poin, congrats!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG baru baca ceritanya, ini temen2nya Naira jealous kayaknyaaa ahaha xD mungkin mereka bilang pengaruh buruk karena dia main roblox? ๐Ÿ˜› to be honest kalo aku jadi guru sekolah aku pun akan bikin misi minecraft / minecraft themed assignment setiap hari muahahaha…. xD

    Liked by 1 person

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