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Nathan waited in line (unpatiently) like his classmates.Nathan’s class is going to the ANCIENT MUSEUM today.Everyone in the class was so excited and joyful because of the trip to the museum.Suddenly,a woman came towards the museum’s entrance door and lead everyone inside.
“Hello Class 7A!”announced the woman,”I bet that you are ALL excited to explore the museum today,aren’t you??”everyone nodded.
“GOOD!Now,you won’t now my name,”said the woman,”So,I’m gonna introduce it.My name is Elma.So,if you want to ask me any questions AT ALL,just come visit me,OK?”everyone nodded again.
“Goody,goody!Now,let me tell you what the rules are in this museum.
RULE 3:DON’T FORGET TO…HAVE FUN!!”Elma informed the children,as they were all told to go and explore the museum.

Nathan and his mates(Ron,Aiden,Riley and Miley)went to go to floor 3 to the spooky section.Nathan and his mates went up with Mrs.MacDonald.
I wonder if anything REALLY CREEPY is gonna be there.Nathan thought.Finally,Nathan reached the third floor.It was basically ALL DARK BLUE.Everything was dark,except the two candles at either sides of the third floor.
“Now,this is SO SPOOKY!”exclaimed Ron.
“Yeah,that’s right,”agreed Riley,getting closer to her twin sister,Miley.
“Hey,back off Riley!”Miley grumbled,pushing her sister so hard,that she ALMOST touched the candles.
“Oi!No pushing!”warned Mrs.MacDonald.Mrs.MacDonald informed the children that they can wander off and explore the very floor.Nathan were the first to wander off.

Suddenly,Nathan smelled something rancid and rotten.When he came closer to the smell,it got more stronger.When the smell was too strong,he knew what caused the smell to be here.There in front of him was a book.It wasn’t JUST a normal book.It’s a book,filled with blood at it’s front cover,and there was some code thingy on the front cover.On the spine of the book read,
‘DO NOT OPEN’which sounds spooky enough,even for a 12-year old boy like Nathan.Then,Nathan’s group walked towards Nathan,since they were all curious at what Nathan is seeing.
“What is it Nathan?”asked Aiden.
“This,”Nathan pointed at the bloody book.
“It’s the Coded Book,”someone informed them from Mrs.MacDonald’s back.
“Huh?”gasped Mrs.M.
“Hello.I am ever so sorry to scare you,but I am one of the museum’s staffs.My name is Tilly,”replied Tilly.
“What is this book dysplayed for Tilly?”asked Miley.
“This book is dysplayed because of the death of Van Gogh,”
“WHATTT????”the children said.
“Yes,that is true.Legends say,that this was Van G’s very SECRET book for drawing beautifully.One day,when Van G was sketching something,his book became LOST.Van Gogh found the book inside his room.Along with his drawings beside it.Somehow,Van’s drawings were ripped and chewed.When Van thought it was a wild animal that did that,he somehow disappeared.INSIDE HIS OWN BOOK.The book trapped Van inside.He was squished SO BADLY,that his blood came bursting outside his book.So,do not ever try to break the code of the book,because,THE BOOK MIGHT EAT YOU!!”warned Tilly.

When Nathan got home from school,he told his parents that he wants to go to the ancient museum again.
“Really Nathan?”groaned Dad,”Aren’t you bored of it?”
“Nope,”replied Nathan.So,that’s what Nathan’s family did.They went to the museum.
“Ooh,I want to go to the Chinese place!”exclaimed Ma as she came in the museum.
“Ma,Dad,Can I go to the third floor by myself?”asked Nathan.
“Go on then,”Dad replied,following Ma to the stairs.Nathan took the lift.He reached the third floor in no time at all.When he reached the third floor,no one was there.Instead,there were his MATES waiting for him.
“Wait,you came here too?”Nathan said.
“Yeah,obviously.Don’t you think WE weren’t curious abot the book?”said Ron.
“Whatevs.Anyways,c’mon,let’s break the code,before silly Tilly comes,”Nathan reminded his friends.Miley began reading the question.
“It says,
‘I remember you,
Less than yesterday,
But more than tomorrow.’.Does anyone know what that means?”asks Miley.
“Dunno,”everyone frowned.
“Wait!I know what it means!”exclaimed Riley,”It means that the person will remember you less each day!”
“Ok then!If you’re that CONFINDENT go and type the password to the book,”grumbled Miley(Miley’s becoming so jealous).
“OK THEN!”Riley typed the words very carefully.Suddenly,without knowing,she disappeared.
“What are you waiting for then?Let’s get in!”barked Nathan,as he and his friends slipped inside the book as well…



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11 thoughts on “Tugas 7-Aila”

  1. Hi Aila!

    What. NOOOOO why did you leave it hanging like thaaattt ughhh I wanna know moarrr xD The story’s so spooky it gives me creeps. The blood makes it so ominous huh. Hopefully the boys are okay and not really get eaten though xD

    I also like the book in the front cover! It’s so shiny and bloody xD and makes me curious what’s inside.

    Front cover looks very good. Book spine is cool. The back cover is easy to read and even though there’s only white wavy line as the decoration it feels fitting. Overall it’s a curious book 😀

    Great job!

    – Front cover: 60
    – back cover: 60
    – Book spine: 30
    – submit on time: 50
    – story: 50
    Total: 250 points, congrats!

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