Tugas 9 – Athira

Tema cerita : perayaan / festival

Petunjuk gambar : malam

Petunjuk cerita : lentera,cemilan,kembang api

Judul : lampion penuh kebahagiaan.

Penulis : Athira Firyal Hamida

Sampul depan :

Sampul belakang :

Punggung buku :


4 thoughts on “Tugas 9 – Athira”

  1. Hi Athira!

    This is a striking book cover! I like the color contrast between black & yellow. It looks like your cover is lit up by the lanterns 😀 Very cool! I love the house, people, and lantern illustration. They look so festive hehehe

    Book title in front cover needs to have capital letter at the start of the words by the way xD Book spine – you should make the font smaller so that it won’t cramp up so much space. I like the accent on the back cover! You chose red font to highlight the word “Habis”, that’s where the conflict is.

    Great looking cover!

    – front cover: 60
    – back cover: 60
    – book spine: 30
    – submit on time: 50
    Total: 200 points, congrats!


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