Tugas 6-Aila

Jenis tema cerita:Hobi dan kebaikan.

Petunjuk gambar:Ungu dan kerajinan tangan.

Petunjuk cerita:Kerajinan tangan.

Judul cerita:Friendship Bracelets.

Penulis buku:Aila Dinara.

Sampul depan:20190805_221702_0000

Sampul belakang:1565084189838

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I ate the warm toast and sipped the fresh juice.Today was Friday.I remembered that it was Monday,then it goes to Tuesday,and so on.Days go so unexpectedly fast,I thought.Last night I remembered that Mom and Dad were arguing a lot.I didn’t have a very good sleep that night because of them.When I walked upstairs to my room,Mom was waiting for me at my room’s door(For some reason!).
“You ate breakfast dear?”she asked.
“Yes Mom,”I smiled,”Wait,why are you waiting here?”Mom started to frown a bit.
“Fatima,me and your father decided to move houses,”Mom frowned.
“What,all of us!?”I panicked.
“Yes darling.I’m EVER so sorry tgat we have to move,”
“But why Mom?Our house here is good enough!”
“What do you mean Fatima!”demanded Mom,”Our house is too small,”
“Oh,that’s why,”I said,”Sorry to make you cross Mom,”
“It’s OK darling.I understand that this is becoming hard for you,but this is for the best,”Mom hugged me.Mom told me that we are moving to Colorado.

What will I tell Wendy,Mia and Candy now? I thought,as I passed the school gates.I already saw them all playing cheerfully near the slide.I can’t let them down,I thought,But,I am gonna let them down too.I walked towards my best friends while frowning.
“Assalamualaikum Fatima!”greeted Mia joyfully.
“Wa’alaikum salam friends,”I sighed un-joyfully.
“Why are you looking so blue Fatima?”Candy asked me.
“I want to tell you guys something…”I hesitated.
“C’mon,say it then!”everyone demanded.
“I am…moving houses,”
“WHY?”cried Mia,Wendy and Candy.I explained my best friends why I’m moving.All of them became sad.
“We’ll miss you so much!”frowned Candy.
“I’ll miss all of you too,”I say sadly.Then,a WONDERFUL IDEA popped into my head!
“Hey guys!What about if I make something for yous to remember me forever?”I smiled.
“You’d do that for us?”grumbled Wendy.
“Of course! I love you guys,”I laughed cos Wendy asked a silly question,”Wait,I love yous as FRIENDS,not in the ‘love love’ way,” I added.
“What do you want me to make?”
everyone chirruped.
“We trust you that you’ll give us something good,’cos you’re the BEST crafter in the WHOLE CLASS!”Mia informed me.
“Oh thanks.I’ll make the prize a surprise,OK?”I say,as Mia,Wendy and Candy nodded.

I grabbed all of my knitting things and started to knit.Knitting is my absolute FAVOURITE HOBBY.I love it.I knit,probably three times a day on school days,but on weekends and Fridays I knit FIVE times a day.I decided to make four friendship bracelets(one for me and one for Mia and one for Wendy and another one for Candy).

In about two hours I finished making the bracelets!They look SO FANTASTIC!Insya Allah Mia,Candy and Wendy’ll love it as much as I do!

Oh no! I thought miserably,It’s four more days until I move to Colorado.I never really wanted to move houses,but I know that this is for the very best.Right now I AM getting a bit bored of this house,since I lived in it all my life.I wonder what my new house’ll look like!Mom and Dad showed me a photo of my new room.It looked so BIG! It has its own toilet and there’s a pink spinny-chair-thingy that I love!The room has its own big desk and big cupboard too.I think that so far my new house is great! I stared outside the car’s window and I saw the beautiful trees and loads of people barging through to get to the famous theatre at my city.This is gonna be one of my LAST stares in this city.I’ve GOT to make it last.

Finally,I arrived at school.I was the late one out of my besties group(as usual).They were smiling at me so widely,then all of a sudden,they hugged me.
“WOAH,WHOA,WHOA!”I gasped.
“Sorry Fatima,”apolagised Mia.
“We just want to do loads of hugs before you leave,”explained Wendy.
“What she said,”Candy pointed at Wendy.
“You guys!”I giggled,hugging them tightly back.
“Oh yeah!Here yous go!”I say,as I took four pretty homemade friendship bracelets.
“Aw Fatima!”Mia stared in awe,looking at her bracelet.
“It’s so PRETTY!”exclaimed Wendy.
“I love it so much!”smiled Candy.
“Thank you for making them Fatima,you’re the best!”all of them appreciated.
“That’s OK,”I laughed,”I’m super glad you all love it.Remember,always remember each other!”I reminded them.
“Will do Fatima!”.

ON FRIDAY(moving day).
“Bye bye Candy,Wendy and Mia,”I waved to them all,heading towards my car with my head down.
“Hey Fatima!”demanded Wendy,”We DO have somethings for you!”I turned my head and walked towards my besties.
“Here is the present from me,”Candy said,handing me a big long box wrapped with wrapping paper.Next,Wendy handed me a round box,also covered in neat wrapping paper.Mia handed me a bag,it was quite a full one.
“Thank you SO MUCH for these guys!”I cried,hugging Mia,Candy and Wendy.
“It’s OK.After all,you’re our friend,”informed Wendy;Mia and Candy nodded.
“Soo…Bye for now,I guess,”I sighed,as a tiny tear went down to my neck.
“Bye Fatima!”
“Take care!”
“Good luck!”.Slowly,I went to the car and waved a big wave to my best friends,Mia,Candy and Wendy.They all waved back.The car set off.I took a glimpse of my best friends trying to catch up with me.I laughed inside the car,as I remembered the lovely old times I had with my friends.I decided to continue my hobby-knitting.Because knitting ALWAYS comes useful.And now,my besties’ll alqays remember me because of that bracelet.
=====>THE END<=====


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15 thoughts on “Tugas 6-Aila”

    1. And i like your story too. I have one book like this. The story is very similar. There is a best friend, Alice and Gemma. Alice is move to…SCOTLAND! So Alice gave Gemma her silver bracelet, and Alice buy the same bracelet again. Gemma give Alice a doll (Even Alice give it back to Gemma) @luvkoala

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  1. Hi Aila!

    Omg.. your story is sad and beautiful.. I’m touched by their friendship :”) It makes me think of my childhood friends. Such a pleasure to read!

    Alsoooo… I really like the cover! I like the knitting tools & wools, there’re also the bracelet of course! And there’s a nice painting too 😀

    The book title font somehow reminded me of Spongebob episode title xD It’s a bit dark (navy) over a dark background (violet), I think it’d be much easier to read if the font color is light (maybe white or yellow?).

    Book spine looks so pretty with the pink hearts, I think it’s a nice detail! The back cover is lovely, is that supposed to be rain? It illustrate the sadness in their goodbye though, but the colorful hearts make me smile 😀

    Overall it’s a pretty book cover! Good job!

    – Front cover: 60
    – back cover: 60
    – Book spine: 30
    – submit on time: 50
    – story: 50
    Total: 250 points, congrats!

    Liked by 1 person

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