[CLOSED] Team Battle – Story Bazooka untuk Kedua Tim

Kata kunci: Can I meet you again? -> Bisakah aku bertemu denganmu lagi? *eaaa *lol kok jadi baper xD
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*Alpha Team Patrol Officer*

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    “Hania?Kania?”called Mummy.
    “Yes Mummy?”the twins asked their mother,running downstairs to greet their mother.
    “I’m gonna be working today,OK?Take care.Daddy’s working too,”
    “Oh OK Mummy.Take care too!”Hania and Kania hugged their mother tight.Mummy went on her car with Daddy and set off to work.
    “What shall we do today,I wonder?”Kania asked.
    “Let’s go to the park!”exclaimed Hania.
    “OK!”the twins happily ran to the park and played on the monkey bars.

    Ten minutes later,the twins got bored and were hungry.
    “Let’s go to the shop,”said Hania.
    “Yeah,let’s,”replied Kania.Both of them got their bikes from the shed and rode on them to the shop.
    “Assalamualaikum Tante Gya!”greeted Kania,as she and Hania went in Tante Gya’s shop.(Gya is the twins’s neighbour)
    “Wa’alaikum salam Kania and Hania,”replied Gya.Kania and Hania began shopping.They spotted some ice cream along the way,and got them.
    “Let’s get some juice,”said Kania.Both of them got some juice.Next,they gave it to Gya.
    “Four pounds-fifty please,”Kania handed the money to Gya.
    “Thank you girls!Have a good day!”smiled Gya,waving at the twins as they passed the shop’s door.They rode their bikes to the park again.
    “Mmmm….Yummy ice cream…”slurped Hania.Both of the twins were relieved and glad to have lots of money to buy things from the shop EVERYDAY.

    Now,it was almost time for lunch.Which was normally the time that Mummy and Daddy would come back home.Mummy and Daddy were supposed to arrive at 04:00pm.But,they were LATE.
    “Where are they?”Kania worried,checking the clock again;it’s nearly 05:00pm.Suddenly,there was an unexpected noise inside Kania and Hania’s house.It was the telephone.Kania and Hania came rushing to the telephone that’s placed on top of the bedroom table.
    “Hello?”Kania said,picking up the phone.
    “Hello,is this Kania and Hania on the phone?”someone asked.
    “Yes,”the twins answered.
    “This is Doctor.Sally,”Sally informed the twins,”Girls,in five minutes you are going to go to the hospital.You are going to get picked up by a taxi,OK?”
    “OK?But,why?-“before Hania could ask ber question to Doctor.Sally,the phone stopped;Doctor.Sally was dealing with her patients.
    “What happened sis?Don’t you think…Mummy and Daddy’s sick?”Hania worried.
    “No,insyaAllah they’re not,”Kania shook her head,hoping that her parents are not sick.

    Hania and Kania were told to go to Room 71,on the third floor immediately.Both of them obeyed,then setted off.When they reached Room 71,Doctor.Sally was waiting beside the entrance door to Room 71.
    “Hello girls,”Sally frowned,”I thought that you have to see this,or it’ll be too late,”the twins were SO confused.Who would it be?They thought.It was someone they loved.Two people that’ve lived with them their whole life.It was their PARENTS.The twins rushed to the bed,where their mother and father layed.
    “MUMMY!DADDY!”cried Hania and Kania.They ran as fast as they could to the bed.
    “WHAT HAPPENED DOCTOR.SALLY?”frowned the twins.
    “Your parents were innocently driving,when an escaped prisoner bumped onto your parents car hardly on purpose.Your parents got sent here right away,”
    “Doctor,are they still alive?”questioned Hania,crying on Mummy’s chest,while Mummy patted Hania on the back.
    “They barely are,unfortunately.I want you to say your last farewells to them,incase,something happens…”informed Sally.
    “Mummy,Daddy…I just want to say…Thank you for being the best parents in the whole wide world…”complimented Hania.
    “InsyaAllah you will go to Paradise…Take care if we don’t see you again…”complimented Kania.
    “And…Goodbye Mother and Father…”said Hania and Kania together.
    “Bye bye girls…”Daddy smiled weakly,frowning a little at the end of his sentence.
    “Remember girls,if we are not here,always,and we mean always,REMEMBER GOD,”informed Mummy and Daddy.Soon,their parents passed away,in the very hospital.The twins cried deeply,while Sally patted the twins on their backs.
    “Can we meet them again,Kania?”asked Hania.
    “InsyaAllah,we will meet them in Paradise,”replied Kania.

    THE END.
    (2nd story on Tugas 3)

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