Tugas 5 – Athira

Tema cerita : cerita olahraga

Petunjuk gambar : balon udara

Petunjuk cerita : balon udara , renang

Judul : aqhadiah tak terduga

Penulis : Athira firyal hamida

Sampul depan :

Sampul belakang :

Punggung buku :


3 thoughts on “Tugas 5 – Athira”

  1. Hi Athira!

    Hey that air balloon looks cute 😀 I like the color you use. I think the book title could be resized and moved up/arranged a bit so that it doesn’t clash with the balloon. The title, author name, and book description are easy to read. The story makes me curious though. Cause it tells that Holly joins a swimming competition but the cover is the air balloon. Does that mean that she’ll get the air balloon as the prize for winning the competition? 😀

    Overall it’s a nice book cover. Good job, Athira!

    – front cover: 60
    – back cover: 60
    – book spine: 30
    – submit on time: 50
    Total: 200 points, congrats!


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