Tugas 5-Aila

Jenis tema cerita:Cerita tentang olahraga.

Petunjuk gambar:Jogging,Arloji.

Petunjuk cerita:Arloji dan Gym.

Judul cerita:The Lost Watch.

Penulis Buku:Aila Dinara

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Joyfully,me and Sasha jogged around our lovely,big,beautiful block.We both ADORE this block,as it is always clean.
“Are you enjoying this Sasha?”I asked her.
“WOOF WOOF WOOF!”she barked,jumping as high as a 1 year old baby.
“I’m glad you’re enjoying it Sasha,”I smiled widely.Suddenly,when I was too busy thinking of all the miracle things that’s here in Planet Earth,I noticed that Sasha stopped and sniffed at something blue and tiny,near the berry bush.
“What’s that Sasha?”I peeked curiously to see what’s beside the berry bush.I saw what it was!It was a cool new APPLE WATCH!It is the MOST modern watch in 2019(I think).I was so surprised to see something so good LYING beside a berry bush.How can someone just LEAVE this Apple Watch here? I thought.Sneakily,I decided to pick up the watch and put it on my wrist.It fits PERFECTLY for me!I love this watch!I really do!

As I jogged to our house,I stared(once again!)at the modern blue watch.It is 09:00am now.Luckily I got home in time for fruit salad! I thought happily,I’m glad that I have this.I knocked on my door.Soon,Mother answered it.
“Hello Katryn dear!”she greeted,”Woah!You’re RIGHT on time for fruit salad!”
“Yeah Mother,”I smiled proudly,trying to not show my left hand,as I have the watch strapped around it.(I do not want Mother to know I have this.)I sat nicely on the wooden chair to eat fruit salad.
“Mmm…Thanks Mother!”I licked my lips appreciattively,as I tasted the salad.
“Your welcome Katryn,”replied Mother,while smiling.Then Mother noticed my left hand and saw it.She saw the watch.I hid it real quick so she can’t see it.Phew!Luckily she never saw it.It just looks like she saw the blue Apple Watch.Maybe Mother was staring at the window.

When I was done eating the delicious fruit salad,I went to my bedroom to do my homework.I have to hand my homework in on Monday(which is like,two days away).I sighed deeply and got my pencilcase out and did all of it.Before I did my homework,I timed myself using the Apple Watch.It actually only took me forty-five minutes to do all my work!Which is NOT that long.The Apple Watch became useful in Sunday too.It always makes me go home from jogging at the right time,and when I was going to Kids’s Gym,Mother and Father told me to go home at 14:00:00 pm.Since I had ‘MY’ Apple Watch,I got home at the right time.
“Wow Katryn!”Father exclaimed,”You’re home in the right time!How can you DO THAT?”
“Emm…It’s just because I’m smart Father,”I lied(I am smart,but not that smart).
“That’s good then!”Mother smiled,”What did you do at Kids’s Gym?”
“I did twenty girl push ups,lifting five kg dumbells and I did Zumba dancing with Ms.Hamilton,”I informed my parents.
“That’s our girl!”Father patted me in the back proudly.

Today is schooltime.Yay!I’m SO excited!I’ll get to meet Bona,Olivia,Lili and Lina again!Woohoo!
“Bye Father!”I waved,”Good luck at work!”
“Bye Katryn!Have a nice day at school!”Dad waved too.Now he’s fading,because Mother is going faster on the motorbike now(Mother gets me to school).I checked the time on my watch.Right now,it’s 06:00:00 am.We still have about an hour to get to school.My school starts at 07:00:00am.Finally,me and Mother arrived at my school.I quickly waved bye to Mother and opened the green gates to the school.I was(ONCE AGAIN!)on time(wink wink).I lined up with everyone else.Right now,there were only four people in my line(well five,because I’m there).
“Hi Katryn,”Sulaiman greeted.
“Hi Man,”I replied cheerfully(people call him Man).
“That’s strange.You’re on time today,”
“Yeah Man.My mother helped me get ready on time,”I lied.
“That’s good then!”exclaimed Emelia(She’s now butting in).More people are now coming to our line.From the distance,I saw Bona,Lili,Lina and Olivia!Quietly and quickly,I shuffled to the back of the line.
“Oh hi Katryn!”Lili said,hugging me.
“Hi besties,”I smiled.Bona was gasping surprisingly.
“What is it Bona?”I asked her.
“WOAH!You have a BLUE APPLE WATCH?”Bona gasped.
“Shhhh!Keep that quiet!”I hissed,in case this watch belongs to someone in the school.
“None of your beeswax.Anyways,how were your weekends?”I said that to change the subject.
“Mine was AWESOME! I watched the new Toy Story movie at the cinema!”announced Bona.
“Mine was normal,”sighed Olivia,”All I did was do homework,”
“My weekend was good!”Lili exclaimed,”I visited my cousins Natalia and Alya,”
“That’s nice then!”I nodded.
“My weekend was OK.I went to Bona’s house a little bit,then I went strawberry picking,”Lina said.Lina informed us that she has some of the strawberries for snack!SWEET!

After we did our morning routine exercise,we FINALLY went inside our class.We sat down on our seats,and Mrs.Tina began the lesson.
Today’s morning lesson was great!We did Science first thing.Now we have snack/breaktime.I had biscuits for today.Don’t forget,Lina gave me some strawberries!From my table(and Bona’s and Olivia’s and Lili’s and Lina’s,)I can hear Emelia talking with her friends(Rani and Hallie).
“You know what happened to me?”Emelia cried.
“No WHAT?”frowned Rani and Hallie.
“My Apple Watch disappeared when I was going to Uncle Will’s house!”now I started to worry.What if Emelia’s Apple Watch was THIS one I’m wearing? I thought.
“What does it look like?”asked Rani.
“It’s blue and the thingy in the middle’s round,”Emelia informed her friends.I was right.This watch was Emelia’s.What am I gonna do now?
“Oi Kat!”hissed Olivia,”That’s Emelia’s!”
“I know!Shut up for a minute,I’m gonna return it,”I grumbled,unbuckling the Apple Watch.Maybe this is for the best.
“Emelia?”I asked.
“Oh what is it Katryn?”smiled Emelia.
“It’s just that-I’m sorry,”
“Why?You’ve done nothing!”
“It’s just that I found your Apple Watch beside a berry bush.And…I thought that I should’ve kept it.But I was so wrong.Here,”I handed her the watch.
“Awww,thanks so much for returning it Katryn!”Emelia exclaimed,hugging me tight.
“It’s OK,”I replied,smiling proudly.



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