Tugas 4-Aila

Jenis tema cerita:Cerita tentang makanan.

Petunjuk gambar:Buah,piring dan jus.

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Judul cerita:A New Experience.

Penulis buku:Aila Dinara

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Today is another day.Of Mum trying to make me eat fruit again(NO!).She’s been trying for several years,but she still cannot fool me! I can taste fruit from one metre.I can even smell fruit from one metre.Mum always worries that I’ll get sick because I don’t eat fruit.But,I’m not sick,because I still eat my vegetables! Mum hopes that I’ll be like Aria(my annoying little brother)but I won’t be like him! Why would I want to be like Aria?He thinks he’s such a Mr.Perfect.Aria loves to eat EVERYTHING HEALTHY.At school all my friends say that my brother is a nice boy,but I say he isn’t a bit nice.He wouldn’t even share a piece of homemade pizza! I got so angry that I told on him to Mum.That’s the first time(and probably the last time)that I saw Mum get angry at Aria.I was smirking;I bet you that my smirk was as wide as the last year’s World Cup’s football pitch.

“Anya!”Mum called me from downstairs,”I’ve got breakfast!”
“Coming Mum!”I smirked,as I grabbed a chocolate from Mum’s special chocolate box for me and Aria if we behave good.I saw half the contents finished,it’s probably because twice a day Aria got chocolate,because he’s ALWAYS GOOD.But I don’t really care,’cos I can always steal Mum’s chocs by myself(EVIL LAUGH AND GRIN).As I went downstairs,I smelt some Blueberry Pancakes.No pancakes for me today! I thought.I sat on my pink chair,waiting for the fruity breakfast.
“Here,”Mum smiled,handing me the plate full of three giant blueberry pancakes,”Eat it,it’s yummy,”
“That’s true!”complimented Aria,munching the pancakes.I got ready for this.I got a plastic bag from my room,and I put all of my breakfast in it and headed off outside to give it to my cat,Roti.
“Quick,eat them,”I hissed,while Roti purred deeply.

I returned inside and grabbed a glass of milk and drank it very quick.Next,I ran to my best friend’s house,Isabel.She doesn’t live far from me,which is great because I can always escape from Mum if she tries to ground me.I finally reached Isabel’s house.
“Come in the treehouse!”demanded Isabel,”And quickly!”
“Yes,I’m coming!”I panted,running up the ropes that is actually the stairs for the treehouse.Me and Isabel do this all the time.
“You were almost late for the meeting!”hissed Isabel.
“Sorry,Bel,but I had to drink,I was super thirsty,”I replied.
“Fine!Ok,where can we hide today?”asked Bel,still a bit angry at me for being 2 secs late.
“Definitely not the lake,we’ve went there yesterday.What about near Mr.Pallo’s house?He won,’t mind.We’ll play with his cat so we’re not bored,”
“Yeah,ok then.Let’s go!”Bel seized my hand and held it tightly.Bel told me to get out of the back ladder,while she gets out of the front.I hid behind a tree,as Bel grabbed two water bottles and a choc breakfast bar(the choc bar’s for me).

“You got it Bel?”I double checked if Bel’s got the food.
“Yes.Come on!”she grabbed me by the hand again and ran as fast as a blink of an eye.I think I just saw Mum wandering around,with Aria behind her heels.
“Bel,go quicker!”I worried.
“I will!”Bel panted.I needed to help Bel,but I feel like I can’t.
“Bel,my tummy’s sore,”I complained,clutching my stomach.
“Ah,no worry,it’s probably just a stich,”Bel calmly said,”Let’s continue running,or you’ll get caught!”I nodded,and coontinued running,until we lost sight of Mum.Eventually we made it to Mr.Pallo’s house.
“Oh,hello girls,”greeted Mr.Pallo,”What can I help you with?”
“Em,we just want to play around here,”replied Bel.Bel asked if we can play with Susu(Mr.Pallo’s cat).Mr.Pallo said we can,as long as we don’t play too far away from Mr.Pallo’s house and shop.
“Hello,Susu!”I smiled,carrying the cat and tickling it.I still felt that weird feeling in my stomach,maybe it’s because I’m hungry.
“Bel,can I get the breakfast bar?”I asked politely,”And the water?”
“Sure,but give me half of your Mum’s chocolate,”Bel cackled,pretending to be evil.I agreed and gave her half of the choc,while I ate the breakfast bar.I drank lots of water to get rid of the sickness.But it still won’t get away.

Then,one second later,everything went blurry.I think I just fell,(maybe fainted)and I saw Bel getting her phone out and calling someone(I don’t know who)…And in the end I got brought home and put on my bed.
“Darling,are you OK?”Mum cried,checking my temparature.
“What happened Mum?”I asked,not knowing what really happened.
“You fainted Anya.Bel told me that after you ate her snack and drank,then you fainted.She then called me to come this instant.So I did.I was panicking when I saw you lying there.I quickly took you home and carried you.Eventually,you woke up,and I’m glad you did.I almost had to call the ambulance to get you!”she hugged me tight.Mum also told me that my temp was rising a lot.
“Mum,I think I fainted because I was super hungry,”I said.
“Well,Dad told me a good recipe to teach kids to eat fruit.The recipe’s very simple and yummy and nutricious.I already made it for you.Eat it,you’ll recover because of that,”Mum begged me.I decided to at least try a bit of the recipe,if I like it,then I’ll finish all of it.Mum said that I’m going to try homemade strawberry and mango juice too.Mum brought me the food.
“Thanks Mum,”I tried to release a smile.It turns out that the food Mum gave me was called Fruit Salad with Condensed Milk.I go the dessert spoon and tried a centimetre of the salad.You know what?It was SO DELICIOUS! I cannot imagine fruit being as tasty as this.I took some more and savoured it in my mouth.Slowly,I finished the whole thing.Mum was so impressed.

Next,was the drink,homemade strawberry and mango juice.I took a sip out of the cool umbrella straw.It was also so good! It’s PERFECT for hot days,as the juice is super fresh.
“Mum!”I called Mum,”I’ve finished!”Mum came up in one second.
“Oh Anya!Well done!That’s good!You finished it!How are you feeling now?”Mum asked,while smiling in pride.
“I feel SO much better now! I think I like fruit now.Oh yeah,can you make more of these food?” I replied joyfully.
“Yes,of course Anya!See,I told you that fruit is good for your health too!Now,promise me that you’ll eat fruit everyday,”
“I promise,”I smiled widely.

So that was how I like fruit.All because of my lovely parents,who never give up trying to get me to eat fruit.Now,I’m a much healthier girl than usual.Now,I never ever get sick.Remember children,eat lots of fruit and vegetables,or you’ll be like me!



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4 thoughts on “Tugas 4-Aila”

  1. Hi Aila!

    Wow this is a very interesting cover! Did you experiment with various fonts? xD it looks good though. I like the foods on & above the table haha… looks yummyy~ I like the pizza & ice cream 😀

    The layout and element placements are good! The back cover is easy to read. Whoaah and it’s a really good story! Anya can take mum’s chocolate huh? 😛 So anya fainted because she didn’t eat her breakfast cause she gave it to her cat? xD I like the ending, I’m glad she like the fruits now. Good job!

    – front cover: 60
    – back cover: 60
    – book spine: 30
    – submit on time: 50
    – story: 50
    Total 250 points, congrats!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah,I kind of DID explore with various fonts.Anya DID take Mum’s chocolate.Anya fainted because she never ate her breakfast and because she had NEVER ATE FRUIT IN HER WHOLE LIFE,EVER.She only ate fruit when she was forced to by her Mother.Thx for the comment and complinent Tante!❤


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