Tugas 3-Aila

Jenis tema cerita:Cerita tentang keluarga.

Petunjuk gambar:Selimut dan TV.

Petunjuk cerita:Kembar.

Judul cerita:The Famous Twins.

Penulis buku:Aila Dinara

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Slowly,the twins,Kania and Hania walked downstairs the beautiful spiral staircase that the Ercow’s have.
“(sigh)I wish Mummy and Daddy is still here,”Hania sighed.
“Kania,don’t remember that now.Or you’ll have histerics again,like two days ago.We never got much money,cos we weren’t doing our job,”Kania told her slightly younger twin sister.
“I’ll try not to remember it sis,but it’s a hard thing to do,”Hania complained.
“I know,but you’ll have to try,”the Ercows haven’t woken up yet,which is good news for Kania and Hania.An Ercow called Arianna,who is the mother of the bossy 10 year old called Rina,demanded the twins to clean their table and sort out the bookshelf that the Ercows have,if the twins woke up early.
“Right,you do the bookshelf,and I do the table,”Kania said,handing Hania a cloth just in case the bookshelf’s really dirty.Both of the twins done their job well.5 minutes later,Arianna,Rina and Nataniel(Rina’s father) went downstairs and found the twins chatting happily on the family sofa.
“Oi!Get out of the sofas,you disgusting little slugs!”demanded Nataniel.
“Sorry Master Nataniel,”Kania apolagised(The twins have to say Master to everyone in the Ercow family).
“I do not forgive you.Five pounds off twenty pounds,”(Pounds are the UK’s money).
“Ok Master.Anyways,what do you want to have for breakfast?”Hania asked,her temper slightly rising,but she’s good at not showing it.
“We’d like to have strawberry pancakes,NOW.And tropical juice,”replied Rina,like a business boss.
“But,Masters,there isn’t any more strawberries.Or juice.Or flour,”Kania reminded them.
“Then buy it!”demanded Rina,”Ten pounds off you!”Kania and Rina obeyed straight away to go to the shop.
“No Kania,now we only have 5 pounds,”Hania grumbled.
“It’s OK.At least we still have 10 pounds in our chestbank,”Kania said,trying to cheer her sister up,
“Maybe we can buy some stuff at Primark when the Ercows go to church tomorrow,”(Primark is an actual shop inthe UK,and I’m not joking).
“Yeah,maybe,”sighed Hania.

It took Kania and Hania about 7 minutes to get to the shop.
“Yes!The Ercows gave us 15 pounds to buy the food!Maybe we could buy some SuperMart Magazines,since the strawberries,flour and juice only cost 8 pounds,”exclaimed Hania.
“Right you are,Hania,”Kania smiled,closing the door behind them.
“Hello Kania and Hania!”a cheerful shopkeeper called Gya,who was the twins’ old neighbour,”How are you?”Kania told Gya what happened in the morning and how they were feeling right now,while Hania was shopping.
“(tut)I wish I could come to your new block now and get those Ercows in trouble,”Gya tutted angrily.
“Here you go Tante Gya,”Hania handed the shopping.
“Oh,ok.It’s-“when Gya was about to say,”It’s 10 pounds,”Hania and Kania answered her(it’s 10 pounds cos of the magazine).
“We know,it’s 10 pounds,”they said.
“Yes,that is so correct!Oh you girls still have the smart brain as your parents,”Gya exclaimed,still amazed at how clever the girls were,as Hania handed the money
“Assalamualaikum Tante Gya,we have to go now!”the twins announced to Gya.
“Oh ok girls!Wa’alaikum salam,take care!”Gya smiled,shaking her head as she imagined what it would be like to be orphans like Kania and Hania.

Finally,Hania and Kania arrived to the Ercows’s mansion.
“Hello?Master Arianna,where are you?”Kania’s light voice echoed in the empty corridor.
“Ah,there you two are.Right on time.If you were a SECOND away from the time you were given,you’ll get no money.Right,SHOW ME THE INGREDIENTS!”roared Arianna.The girls obeyed straight away and handed Arianna the plastic bag.
And tropical juice,check.Luckily,you girls done well,so I’ll give you two more pounds as your pocket money,but that might change,”hissed Arianna.
“Thank you so much Master,”smiled Kania.
“Whatever.Make breakfast then!”the girls obeyed and got their cooking/baking skills out to make PANCAKES!

Happily and politely,Kania and Hania gave the Ercows their breakfast.
“Wow,these looks delicious.Probably doesn’t TASTE delicious,but we’ll try,”Nataniel added,to make the twins look bad.The Ercows REALLY enjoyed their breakfast.
“Girls,I want a word with you,”demanded Nataniel.
“Ok Master Nataniel,”Hania and Kania replied,worrying a bit.Maybe the Ercows weren’t ENJOYING their breakfast,thought Kania,maybe they were just playing along,then get us in trouble.
“Girls,that was the most delicious breakfast that I had ever.So,because of that,I’m giving you 10 pounds extra for your pocket money thingy,”
“Thanks Master,you’re so kind!”cried Hania.

The twins needed to wait until all the Ercows sleep.Nataniel already payed the twins,and they had 17 pounds in total,plus the money for breakfast.
“Alhamdullillah,Allah gave us so much luck today,”smiled Kania.
“Yes,Alhamdullillah,sis.Now,let’s see the magazine!”reminded Hania.
“Oh yeah!”so off they went to their liitle room in the Ercows’s attic.Straight away,Kania and Hania opened the magazine.There was a page that read,”HOW TO BE RICH”.
“Kania Kania!We can be rich now!”Hania cheered.
“Look,read this,”
“How to be rich:
Sell things.Sell the things that most fits you,like for example,you are good at making bags,then make them.Make sure you sell your creation at the market called The Variation Market,if you don’t you will not get rich,”Kania gasped as she read.There were also other options of how to be rich,but it never suited Kania and Hania.
“I know what we could make Kania!Clothes!”
“No,not clothes.I know that we are talented at making clothes,but the only sizes that we know are our size.What about if we make,blankets?”
“That’s a good idea Kania!We’re both talented at making cute cosy blankets!What about if we make the blankets today,and go to The Variation Market tomorrow,since the Ercows are going to church?”asked Hania.
“That’s a good plan.We’ll do the blankets now.By the way,don’t forget the logo!”Kania reminded Hania.Hania nodded then both of them started working.

Today was the twins’ chance of getting rich.First,they had to serve the Ercows,then the Ercows went to church.
“Right,we have 3 hours by ourself.Now,let’s get ready,”smiled Kania.Both of them wore their best clothes from their parents at their 11th birthdays.
“Let’s go now!”said Kania,holding the big black plastic bag full of blankets.

10 minutes later…
The twins finally made it to The Variation Market.As they walked to the market,they stared in awe at all the different stalls.
“Luckily we never made clothes!”Hania pointed out,”Loads of people already did,”
“Yeah,I don’t think anyone made blankets yet,and InshaAllah we’ll get loads of people coming to our stall,because it’s gonna be winter soon,”Kania said optimistically.

And they were right.Loads of people came to Kania and Hania’s Blanket Stall.When the twins were about to pack up,a tall,skinny woman came to their stall.
“Hello,emm,do you have more blankets?”asked the woman.
“Yeah,we only have one left,”replied Hania.
“How many is it?”
“It’s 5 pounds,”
“Ok here you go.Whoa!How many blankets DID you have?”the woman questioned the twins.
“About,50.We knitted them last night,”answered Kania.
“That’s amazing!Look,can you go to Our Studio so we can shoot you,then you can go into TV,”
“We’d love to go to Our Studio!We’ll go at Sunday,”smiled Kania.

AT Sunday…
Today is the day the twins go to Our Studio.
“Come on,get ready,”demanded Kania,quickly finishing up knitting the last blanket to display on TV.
“I’m ready,”huffed Hania,fixing her boots a bit.Both of the twins rode on a taxi,payed by the Our Studio staff.When they reached Our Studio,the same woman as yesterday showed them to the proper studio part.The twins were so surprised of what they saw.The studio was so humongeos!Now,the twins got ready to shoot in TV…



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4 thoughts on “Tugas 3-Aila”

  1. Heyy Aila 😀

    So sorry I missed this one! It didn’t show up in Tugas 3 page cause the category and tags are not set to Tugas 3/Tim Biru xD

    So anyway! This is a very interesting book cover! The picture illustrates the story beautifully. I like the font you chose for book title and author name at the front cover. The story description at the back also catches my attention. You put emphasis in “passed away”, it makes me think “ouch, poor twins! who’s gonna take care of them now :(“. The book spine looks good, but the author name is a bit jarring cause the font style is so different than the others, it’s a bit hard to read cause it’s italic script. I think you could use the same font with the author name at the front cover, I’m sure it’ll look good.

    As for the story… WOW. The Ercows are so mean! I hope the twins will be okay, and can get free from them. You put a cliffhanger there (haha), I want to know what happens next xD

    Overall it’s a good book cover! Good job, Aila!

    – front cover: 60
    – back cover: 60
    – book spine: 30
    – submit on time: 50
    – story: 50
    Total: 250 points, congrats!


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