Tugas 3 – Athira

Petunjuk cerita: Bunga, Gunung, Kembar
Petunjuk gambar: Bunga, Gunung

Judul: Pencarian Bunga Dafodil
Nama Penulis: Athira Firyal Hamida (Athira)
Tema/Genre: Petualangan (Adventure)

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Sampul Belakang

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2 thoughts on “Tugas 3 – Athira”

  1. Hi Athira!

    For some reason your assignment doesn’t show up in Tugas 3 page, it turned out that the category of this post isn’t set, so I fixed that and now it’s listed in the assignment submission.

    First of all congrats for figuring out how to save the image from Canva! You’ve done it correctly this time so the image’s quality is best. This is a good drawing, Athira. I like the mountain & the flower on top, also the color combination you chose (blue-green-light orange). The cloud and the white flowers at the back cover look good too!

    By the way did you crop the front cover? It looks like the size’s different than the back cover. Front cover is 13.2 x 21 cm, back cover is 14.8 x 21 cm. The book title stands out and easy to read, although it can be resized down so that it’s not near the page edge, so does the book description at the back. The author name is placed in the safe place/above the cutting border.

    Overall this is a nice design and a good improvement than before. I like it a lot! Good job, Athira!

    – front cover: 60
    – back cover: 60
    – book spine: 30
    – on time: 50
    Total: 200 points, congrats!


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