Tugas 2-Aila

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Excitedly,Rio,Andre and Soli unbuckled their seatbelts.They FINALLY arrived to Germany!They were SO super duper excited.Andre and Soli were super lucky,because it was only supposed to be Rio and his family that came to Germany.But,Rio’s parents were THAT KIND to give Andre and Soli tickets to come to Germany too.Rio’s mum said,”It’s because Andre gave Rio an Xbox,and it’s because Soli gave Rio a TV on his birthday!We have to invite them to come to Germany as well!”at first,Rio’s dad never agreed that much,but then he thought,WHY NOT?So,Rio had his friends to play with him,which is lucky.He’ll probably be joyful all the time on his hol.Rio,Andre and Soli were told to get off out of the airplane first.So,what they did next is,basically,RUN.Unfortunately,the pilot saw them on the plane running and told them off.
“Jeez!”sighed Andre,”He’s strict,isn’t he?”both Rio and Soli nodded.They weren’t THAT shocked that they got told off.Both at home and at school,the three best mates always gets in trouble.

“Why can’t we just be good,like Aisha?”grumbled Rio.
“Well,boys and girls are different,”Soli said.Now,because they got told off by the pilot,they decided to walk sensibly,which they’re doing pretty well right now.Until they reached the ground.Now,here comes the craziness.All of them were literally whooping and cheering and doing Fortnite dances;it was a humourous sight.
“Boys!Enough please!”someone demanded;it was Rio’s mum,called Nady.
“Sorry Mum!We were too excited!”Rio apologised.
“I know you’re excited,but try to be calm,why don’t you?”
“I promise we will.”
“Good.Now,let’s go and wait for a taxi,”Nady said.

As they waited for the taxi,Rio,Andre and Soli went to buy some snacks,since they were really hungry.
“Hmmm…What should I buy,Mini Pizza Gummies or German Bread?”Soli asked his friends.
“Pizza Gummies,obviously.The bread looks too salty and peppery,”Andre replied.
“Ok then.Oh yeah,what did you chose,Rio and Andre?”
“I chose this Wattzmann Mountain Pastry,”replied Rio.
“Woah!That looks cool!Anyways,I got a German Ginger Bread Flag,”exclaimed Andre.
“Cool!Right,now let’s pay it,”said Rio,as he,Andre and Soli went to the cashier.
“5 Euros please,”the cashier said,showing her hands.
“Ok.Here you go!”Rio double checked.

Happily,they ate their snacks on the comfy purply-blue waiting sofas.
“Right!The taxi’s here,so quickly finish your snacks!”snapped Nady.All of them had different taxis,because if it’s only one taxi,the space wouldn’t be enough.
“Bye Andre and Soli!See you!”
“Bye Rio!”both Andre and Soli called back.
“So,what did you have for your snack?”Rio’s dad asked Rio(Rio’s dad is called Hali).
“I had a Wattzmann Mountain Pastry.That was super delish!”replied Rio,licking his mouth.
“Hey,do you have some left…For me?”asked Rio’s Grandpa(called Edan).
“Yeah,here you go,”
“Thanks Grandson!”
“No prob,Pa,no prob!”said Rio,watching his Grandfather savouring the delicious Wattzmann Mountain Pastry.
“Is it nice Pa?”asked Rio,making sure hid Grandfather is enjoying the pastry.
“What do you think?What does it look like?Of course I enjoy it!It’s yummy-delish!Or as we say it in Indonesian,it’s MANTUL!”exclaimed Pa,putting his thumbs up.

5 minutes later,Rio finally arrived at his hotel.First,he’s going to have a rest and sleep at tge hotel.Then,in the morning,Rio’s gonna play with his friends.Which he’s excited about.
“Mum,what room are we in?”Rio asked his mother.
“We are in Room 75.And your granparents are gonna be in Room 65.If you want to visit them,ask me or Dad and you can go on the lift and see them,”Nady told Rio.
“Oh,ok.How about Andre and Soli?Where are they staying?”
“Andre is staying at Room 76,while Soli stays at Room 78.You can just ring their door,can’t you,eh?”
“Yeah!That’s cool!Can we go in the lift together?”
“Thanks Mum!”
“That’s alright Rio.”smiled Mum.Now,Rio can see Andre and Soli sitting on tall red king-chairs.
“Oi!Andre!Sol!”Rio called after Andre and Soli.
“Hey Rio!Come here!”demanded Andre.
“Mum,can I-“Rio was about to ask his Mum if he can go there when his Mum read his mind and said,YES.Rio came running cheerfully into Andre and Soli.
“Calm down mate!”tutted Soli.
“We are neighbours in Germany,yes!”Rio informed them.
“I know,we don’t need to be told twice,”Andre grumbled.There was somethings suspisciously weird on Andre’s face.It’s definitely rashes,Rio thought.
“I’m sorry Andre,but what happened to your face?”
“Oh!Umm…It turns out that I was allergic to ginger,”
“That’s a shame,mate,”Rio shook his head,patting Andre’s back.
“Oh yeah it is.Luckily the rash is getting better now.When I went out of the taxi,I saw Andre scratching his face and I saw that his face looked like a mosquito just attacked him!”Soli told Rio.
“I think that we have to go on the lift now,look!Our parents are calling us!”Soli pointed out.

“Morning Rio!”Hali announced.
“Morning Dad,”Rio replied sleeply and rubbing his eyes.
“Come on now,brush your teeth quickly,then we can go down for breakfast,”demanded Nady,”Come on,CHOP CHOP!”slowly,Rio got out of his bed and went to the gigantic and fancy bathroom.He wondered,I wonder what we’ll do today.Rio was eating potato pancakesfor breakfast,one of the famous dishes in Germany.Potato pancakes were deliscious!Rio had some punch for his drink.Punch is like a syrup/juice that have fruit inside them.

Rio got to meet his friends right after breakfast.But,his dad wants to tell him something that he’ll do tomorrow.
“What is it Dad?”Rio asked.
“Tomorrow,we are going to…
WATTZMANN!”Hali replied with pride.
“Woah!That’s cool!Can Andre and Soli come too?Pretty please?”Rio did his very best puppy-dog eyes.
“I suppose they could come.”
“Thank you so much Dad!”Rio cheered,hugging his dad tight.
“Whoa,whoa!Don’t thank me!Thank your mother,she’s the one that planned it all,”Hali hissed.
“Nah,you go tell her that I said Thanks.I need to go to Andre and Soli!Bye Dad!”
“Bye son!”Rio came sprinting to where Andre and Soli were yesterday-at the red high-king chairs.
“Sol!Andre!”Rio greeted in a cheerful way.
“Oh,hi Rio!Why are you in such a bouncy mood?”Andre asked Rio.
“Because…I have some good news.Tomorrow we are going to…WATTZMANN!”
“Wattzmann?Oh yay!”exclaimed Soli.
“That’ll be fun!”smiled Andre.
“At what time though?”asked Soli.
“IDK.My mum’ll text your mums probably,or talk to them,or even email them!”Rio answered.

Woohoo!Rio thought,It’s Wattzmann time!At nighttime,Rio and his family packed everything they might need to stay at the Wattzmann mountain.Hali hired a bike for his wife and Rio.He hired it just for a week,because Hali thought it might be even more challenging if they cycle with their bikes up the mountain.And they’re also staying up the mountain for a week.

Quickly,Rio and his family ate breakfast,then met Andre and Soli’s families.
“Are you all ready to go?Everyonehas their bikes?”Nady questioned the families.
“Yes!”everyone answered.
“Ok then,let’s go!”.
It took everyone 30 minutes to get to Wattzmann.
“Right,we are gonna be going on this rickety bridge.Be careful!Kids below 8 years,please go with your parent/guardian,”Nady informed everyone;Nady was the boss.Rio’s family went first.Then Andre’s,then Soli’s.Soli was doing really well,until…One of the tiles of the bridge fell,and Soli had to hold on to the next tile.
“HELP!”Soli screamed.
“We’ll help Sol!”Andre and Rio both shouted;they couldn’t risk their best friend dying.
“No kids,NO!”but Nady was too late.Soli,Andre and Rio fell to the ground.Luckily they survived,because the next thing Rio said,
“How can we get up there now?”then someone answered.
“I will help you!”it was actually Aisha.
“Aisha?How are you here?”asked Andre.
“This is where I’m going on my holiday.And,I heard some screeching here,so I came.My parents are gonna come too,don’t worry.Oh yeah,your bikes fell too,here you go,”Aisha showed the boys and helping them up.
“Thanks Aisha,”Rio said,blushing.
“It’s OK.And anyways,I can’t risk you dying,you’re too funny,”Aisha and Rio just stared at each other lovingly(BLEUGH!).
“Hello?This is not a romance movie!”Soli said,rolling his eyes.
“Oh,sorry,”Aisha replied,flicking her hair in the breezy wind.

Soon,Aisha’s parents came.Luckily they were nice people and wanted to help too.The boys and Aisha climed the steep mountain;it was really difficult to do now,because it’s raining cats and dogs.
“Ah!I can’t see!”Soli complained,fixing his glasses.
“That’s why you should’ve packed goggles with you!”Rio said;he keeps on staring at Aisha!When they finally almost reached the top of the mountain,there was some light.Bright electrical lights.
“It’s our family guys!”Andre pointed;and he was right.When their families saw them,they all began to hug Rio,Andre and Soli.
“Mum,you squeezed me!”Rio moaned,while Aisha started giggling.They all had a successful week at Wattzmann.Everyone was safe.

ThE eNd!


Btw,Wattzmann Mountain is a real mountain in Germany:)


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5 thoughts on “Tugas 2-Aila”

  1. Holaa Aila!

    This is a wonderful cover! I like the bicycle and the grass there, they look so good! By the way there’s a bird perching on the tree? I almost missed it, I think that could be colored too. You’ve done great for the object placement, there’s nothing that’s too near the paper edges. The book spine looks cheerful with the green rain/dashes. Actually your cover’s so good that I have a hard time to suggest an improvement here haha… you’ve improved so much from before, that’s for sure!

    OMG your story’s hilarious! Fortnite dance! A MANTUL pastry! Blooming romance (ahaha) for Rio! Camping at the mountain.. wow, I like the boys’ adventure here. You manage to portray a FUN friendship with the boys here, so different than with girls (well yeah of course they’re different lol)

    Anyway, I think you’ve done great with this assignment. Awesome work, Aila!

    – front cover: 60
    – back cover: 60
    – book spine: 30
    – submitting before deadline: 50
    – story: 50
    Total: +250 points, congrats!

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  2. Thank you tante for the comment😊.
    Now I can finally work out how to do the background:)I’ve worked out how to do the background with lots of colours😁.My brother wants me to make him a book too!I already designed it and photoed it,next I just need to colour it in digitally;)

    Liked by 1 person

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