Tugas 2 – Athira

Tema cerita : cerita jalan – jalan dan petualangan

Petunjuk cerita : mobil , pantai

Petunjuk gambar : mobil , pantai

Judul : petualangan di pulau karimunjawa

Penulis : Athira Firyal Hamida

Sampul depan :

Sampul belakang :

Sampul punggung :


2 thoughts on “Tugas 2 – Athira”

  1. Hi Athira!

    Wow I’m pleased to find you’ve finished your new book cover this soon! It looks great, I like the sunset and color combination you use there.

    So this one is smaller than before (?) / A5 paper. I see you still use phone screenshot for the cover? If you haven’t read my reply here’re the steps you can do to use the full image instead of screenshot.

    (1) How to save your illustration in sketchbook to phone gallery

    (2) How to save your book cover design in canva to phone gallery

    Okay back to the cover, in the front cover the author name is too low, you should move it up to avoid being cut. Move the car a bit to the left, and please use another coconut tree (redraw it in sketchbook), because this one has Canva watermark on it xD

    The book description also too near the paper edge, decrease its font size and move it to the right (more to the center of the cover). For the next assignment please use the full book cover instead of the screenshot, okay? 😀

    Good job, Athira!

    – front cover: 60
    – back cover: 60
    – book spine: 30
    – submission before due date: 50
    Total: +200 points, congrats!


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