Tugas 1- Athira

Tema Cerita : Cerita Tentang Hewan

Petunjuk Cerita : Kelinci, Bintang

Petunjuk Gambar : Kelinci Bintang

Judul Cerita : Perjalanan Bunny & Bouncy Ke Bintang

Penulis : Athira

Sampul Depan :

Sampul belakang :

Punggung Buku


One thought on “Tugas 1- Athira”

  1. Hii Athira 😀

    First of all I like your drawing! The bunnies are so cute hehe… the yellow-on-purple color composition looks fresh. I like the stars & the rocket 😀

    After I check the sizes, your book cover is a bit smaller than A5 paper, is that intentional? What size did you use to create the drawing in Sketchbook? If you’re still confused on how to get the final book cover image to upload to WordPress, here’re the steps.

    (1) How to save image from Sketchbook, to use in Canva

    (2) How to save image from Canva, to upload to WordPress

    Okay, now about your book cover, there are some elements that you might want to move around, to avoid the area that are likely to get cut by the binding machine (+- 1cm around the paper edges). For example the book title in the front cover, the author name, the publisher’s logo, and the book description at the back cover. Please let me know if there’s any explanation here that you don’t understand, or if you need help in anything 🙂

    Overall this is a simple and cute book cover design, I like it a lot. Good job, Athira!

    – front cover: 60
    – back cover: 60
    – book spine: 30
    – submitting before due date: 50
    Total: +200 points, congrats!


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