Tugas 1 – Aila

Jenis tema cerita: Cerita tentang bintang (hewannya di dalam)

Judul: Cahaya Punya Cerita

Nama Penulis: Aila

Sampul Depan:


Sampul belakang:


Punggung buku:





Excitedly,Cahaya(the amazing talking star)went out of her messy,but colourful bed to check the date.WOO HOO!Cahaya thought,It’s MY turn to go to Earth and explore it today!Yay!!With that excitement,Cahaya ran as fast as Usain Bolt down the stairs.
“Mummy,Daddy!”she exclaimed,”It’s my turn to explore Earth!”in a flash,both the parents came in the dining room.
“Oh yeah,it is!”smiled Daddy Star.
“Aww…Our little star is getting bigger!”Mummy Star said,hugging Cahaya tightly then kissing her.
“Mummy,STOP!Don’t be that soppy and plus,I haven’t even started exploring the Earth!”then,Mummy and Daddy both nodded.
“Yes darling,I forgot.I’m so sorry…BUT,what do you want to have for breakfast since it’s a SPECIAL day?”asked Mummy.
“Remember Mummy,everyday is special.Anything’ll be OK,”Cahaya replied kindly.
“Oh Cahaya,you are such a kind daughter!”while waiting for Mummy to make breakfast,Cahaya watched TV.She was watching ‘THE TOP STAR NEWS’ that is the StarWorld’s most famous TV show,and the best for everyone.In 5 minutes flat,Cahaya’s breakfast was ready.

You know what it is?It was Popped Pancakes!Popped Pancakes are pancakes that are tiny and circle,but popped like popcorn.Pretty cool,right?Popped Pancakes are also Cahaya’s favourite breakfast.
“Aww!Thanks Mummy,you’re the best mum ever!”Cahaya squealed with happiness.
“I just want the best for you,Cahaya,”smiled Mummy.

After breakfast,Cahaya was told to take a nice-smelling bath,then was told to brush her teeth.After she done EVERYTHING,she put on her favourite black bow for super special occasions.Now,it was time to step out of StarWorld.Cahaya was SO supremely excited.She can’t wait.She ran downstairs,then waved bye to her parents.
“Wait!We haven’t told you the rules yet!”Daddy reminded Cahaya.
“So,here are the rules…
First,you have to cover yourself FULL of ShiningPowder,so humans can see you better than the other stars,and’ll point at you absent-mindedly,then you HAVE to come down to Earth.”said Daddy.
“And lastly…HAVE FUN?”geussed Cahaya.
“That’s right,my girl,have fun!”so,Cahaya did as she was told.She got her ShiningPowder and put it all over her body.She then waved bye to her parents,and stepped outside her house and waited.

Suddenly appeared three human beings.One is a male and there was two females,but one is smaller than the other.Cahaya is feeling SO nervous!What if they never noticed me?thought Cahaya.Cahaya just remembered her parents saying to her to be optimistic and always remember Allah.Cahaya prayed to Allah for the human beings to point at her.And they did!Quickly,Cahaya went down from the sky and landed in front of the humans.They all gasped.
“What is THAT doing here?”screamed a woman with a headscarf on.
“Don’t worry,I won’t harm you!”Cahaya informed them truthfully,”My name is Cahaya,one of the talking stars from above your head,”
“Oh,that’s cool!My name is Bulan,and they are my parents,”Bulan (the little girl)pointed at her parents,”What are you doing here?”
“I have a mission,a quest actually.All the talking stars have to discover the REAL planet Earth,as in YOUR planet Earth and tell everyone about our life as talking stars.We also have to visit your home.Is that OK for you just now?”asked Cahaya.
“Yeah,yeah,it’s OK.You can come,”replied Bulan’s parents.
“Thank you SO much,”bowed Cahaya.

Since it’ll take a long time to get home if Cahaya walks,Bulan carried Cahaya on her hands carefully.
“Oh!I really LOVE your bow!It’s so sparkly and shiny,like you!”Bulan complicated.
“Aw,thanks for that,Bulan,you’re so kind,”now Cahaya was blushing!Oh,I am so lucky to have this family to visit,thought Cahaya mindfully,thank you so much Allah!

Finally,Bulan and her parents and Cahaya made it to CeriaSelalu Komplek,where Bulan and her parents live.It’s a REALLY big block,the biggest in Bojongsoang probably.Bulan got the keys from her pocket and unlocked the front door.
“Assalamualaikum!”whispered Bulan’s Mum.Everyone stepped inside the beautiful house.The house isn’t actually a house,it’s a mansion!Cahaya stared with her mouth open,she cannot believe there is a house this big!Suddenly,Bulan noticed Cahaya gaping and laughed silently.
“You like it?”
“I love it!How do you have a house THIS big Bulan?”Cahaya asked curiously.
“Well,it used to be Auntie Lina’s house,but then she moved to Jakarta,so it’s ours now!”smiled Bulan proudly;Bulan and her family actually got this house for free,because Auntie Lina is Bulan’s auntie,and because Auntie Lina loves all of the family, she gave the house to Bulan’s family without them needing to pay.
“Right Bulan,you and Cahaya can go in your room for a bit of playing,then you can go to bed,Ok?”said Bulan’s Mum.
“Ok Mum!”slowly,Cahaya and Bulan went upstairs.

“Here is my room!”Bulan introduced to Cahaya as she opened her bedroom door.
“WHOA!It’s so gigantic and super duper COOL!”gasped Cahaya;now she was even MORE surprised of this human being’s house.Carefully,Bulan let go of Cahaya and placed her on top of the big comfy bed.Bulan sighed exhaustedly.
“What’s up Bulan?Are you tired?”asked Cahaya.
“Yeah,I’m SUPER tired.You know what I did today?I went canoeing,I went to the Mall to buy some presents for Dina,by the way,it’s her birthday tomorrow and I went to visit my new baby cousin,Tio.Lastly,I watched the wonderful stars!See?Today was an exhausting day,”
“Wow!You do a lot of things at the weekends!Even I don’t do that much things!Oh yeah,do you want me to tell you about my life in the StarWorld?”
“Go ahead!That’ll be a good bedtime story!”Bulan said.

“Ok,so here’s my story…
In StarWorld,I live in a miraculous land called Dreamy.Dreamy is the absolute BEST place in StarWorld.I have loads of good friends there and thre’s LOADS of famous Stars.Like Genie Halilintar-”
“Wait!There’s Gen Halilintar on the clouds?”interrupted Bulan.
“Who’s Gen Halilintar?”asked Cahaya.
“Gen Halilintar is a family that is famous and all of the members of the family are Youtubers,”
“That’s the same kind of family in Dreamy as well!Anyways,let’s get on with my life story…
My favourite food in Starworld is GulliTulli.GulliTulli is a type of candy,but only in StarWorld.They taste so good by the way!Also,I have over 100 bows at home!The shop that sells loads of bows in StarWorld is PrettyStuff.We,as in me and my family,shops in PrettyStuff everyday.It’s the best shop ever!”Cahaya told Bulan.
“What kind you even do in StarWorld?”asked Bulan.
“Well,we can shop,go to school,look at the sun and moon…And loads of other stuff,”replied Cahaya.
“Wait up!You go to school?”
“Yeah.The school’s called Golden Stars Primary School.It’s the best school in the whole of StarWorld.Well,for me,anyways,”
“Oh yeah,what does your mum and dad does?”
“Well,my dad is a teacher at my school,in fact,he’s the Headmaster in my school.And my mum,just takes care of our house,”smiled Cahaya.Suddenly,the doorbell rang.
“YES!”screeched Bulan,running downstairs,carrying Cahaya as well.
“What are you doing?”
“You’ll see!”Bulan’s Mum and Dad opened the door.There outside was an old lady that probably’s Bulan’s granny.
“Hello darling!”Bulan’ granny greeted cheerfully,”Please take care of her,she’s VERY delicate,”and then Bulan’s granny gave Bulan a big cage.
“Thank you so much Granny,you’re the best,”Bulan said,hugging Granny.
“That’s OK.Well,I better go!”.

Bulan unlocked the cage’s door.There sleeping inside were…TWO CUTE PORCUPINES!
“They’re cute,aren’t they?”Bulan asked everyone.
“Yes,they’re SO cute!”Mum replied.
“That’s true,”Dad nodded.
“They’re…The cutest things I’ve ever seen!”squealed Cahaya,while jumping about.Soon,she calmed down and was told to go to bed with Bulan.Tomorrow,Bulan has to wake up early,’cos she’s going to Dina’s birthday party.Cahaya watched Bulan brushing her teeth.She thought,It must’ve been nice to be a human,I wish I got a chance to be one just for a day.


Bulan quickly woke up and brushed her teeth.She then woke Cahaya up.
“Come on Cahaya!Wake up!”Bulan whispered,while getting changed into her best clothes.
“Ok,Ok!I’ll wake up!”replied Cahaya.
“Ok,now,come downstairs with me,and we’ll eat breakfast,”then,Bulan grabbed Cahaya and carried her downstairs.For breakfast,they had eggs,bake beans and hash browns.Next,Bulan waited for her parents to get ready;she’s waiting in the car with Cahaya.In 5 minutes,her parents were ready.Then,Dad drove the car to the destination.Cahaya thought,What will happen next?Well,you’ll know soon,Cahaya.



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Bonjour, je suis Aila

16 thoughts on “Tugas 1 – Aila”

  1. Hello Aila!

    First of all I love your artwork! I like the stars and the big title for the front cover. Did you make this with Sketchbook? What do you think of Sketchbook, is it easy to use? I usually draw my sketch in paper first, then redraw the lines & color it in Sketchbook. How about you? 🙂

    Ok so after I check your design, it turns out that the front cover and back cover have different sizes. Front cover is 14.1 x 21 cm, back cover is 12.8 x 21 cm. What numbers for width/height did you input when creating the images in Sketchbook? If possible please use the same number, for example 1748 pixel for width and 2480 pixel for height (that’s the size of A5 paper).

    A tips for drawing/coloring in Sketchbook: you can use layers to separate lines & colors in your image. For example, you can create a layer for background (the blue sky), then create another layer on top of it for the stars (that way the stars look brighter). I usually create a minimum of 3 layers for my art. The bottom layer is for background, the middle layer for coloring the character/objects, the top layer for the lines. I also like to use another layer at the very top for special effects (for example rain, snow, or sunlight).

    Okay back to the cover design. For the art you should fill in the whole canvas with a background color, for example the sky in the drawing, fill it with blue brush to the edges, so that there’s no white space around the picture.

    For the front cover the book title really stands out, so that’s good. I like the characters you drew, the colors you choose make them the focus of the image. You should pay attention to the objects around the paper edges though. There’s an area called Bleed, a +- 1 cm border around the page that is most likely will get cut in the binding machine. Don’t put important objects there. For example the author name. In this image think you could put the author name above the characters, so it could be the focus of attention.

    As for the back cover, normally I prefer using a standard sans serif font, but the handwriting font type you chose looks good. It suits the theme of the book, with hand drawn book title. Also, I really like the different font size you use there 😀 it reminds me of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, it uses different font/font size throughout the book. However you should watch out for the Bleed area. In general, just don’t write the texts near the edges of the book. You could make 2 lines if the sentence’s too long.

    For the book spine there’s a white space there, I think you could just cut it from the final image. The stars in the book spine makes the book more interesting.

    Overall I think this is a simple and cute design, I love it! Good job, Aila!

    – front cover: 60
    – back cover: 60
    – book spine: 30
    – submit work before deadline: 50
    Total: +200 points, congrats!!


  2. Thank you tante😀😉I think Sketcbook is pretty good.Btw,I did use the same paper size,but I cropped some of the front cover and back cover.That’s probably why the paper isn’t the same size.


    1. Ahh so that’s why 😉 ok, next time try to use the same size (don’t crop it haha) ^^ have a nice weekend Aila!


  3. Hello Aila! i really like your picture and also the story! Your story inspiring me, about imajination. why you don’t continue your story? I’m very curious about what Cahaya tell to Bulan. I really hope you continue the story. is this the first time you draw in digital? if right, i think your picture is good enaugh!! overall, i like your cute picture!


    1. Your second time? where did you first draw digital?
      this is my second time to draw digitally.
      the first time i draw digital is on the previous challenge of cerivitas.
      i wrote the story in english too. what do you think about my english?


      1. I drawed digitally when we were told to colour in our sketch in Sketcbook.If you want to see my creation,it’s in my Dad’s IG.Add @bagindokemas,you’ll see it.


  4. your story are good! i like it. i hope i can be like Bulan who met a talking star….
    just kidding. it is impossible to meet a talking star…Anyway, if i can know, where do you got an idea for making a story about talking star?


  5. Ok.I actually don’t know where I got this idea from.It just popped in my head.
    Scotland is a pretty good place,I have wonderful friends,and there are quite a lot of other Indonesians in Scotland too😊When it’s the winter,it’s very cold.
    I advise you to not go here on the winter,in case you’ll freeze😂But,yes it is nice to live abroad.


  6. Finished reading 😀 you write very well, Aila! I really like Cahaya’s interaction with her parents and with Bulan’s family. Cahaya is one super duper cheerful star 😀 I cracked up when I read about Gen Halilintar ahahaha xD it’s a fun story, I like it a lot. You put a cliffhanger at the end though, and now I want to know mooore 😀

    Great job, Aila!
    +50 points, congrats!


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